NEW YORK (Medical News Today) – New York State has begun to close most public schools on Monday, including New York City and Brooklyn schools.

In New York, the State Board of Education will close all public schools and will allow the city to close all other schools in the city by the end of March.

In Brooklyn, the Board of Supervisors will close public schools, including Brooklyn Public Schools, beginning March 5.

In Manhattan, the New York Police Department will close and will permit the City to close the Brooklyn Public School on March 7, and the NYPD will close Brooklyn Public schools and permit the city’s Brooklyn Public school district to close by the beginning of April.

In Nassau County, the Nassau Public Schools Board of Trustees will close the schools on March 6.

In Suffolk County, public schools in Suffolk County will be closed March 10.

In Rockland County, schools in Rockland will be open March 11, the first day that schools in Nassau will open.

In other areas of New York state, schools will be shut down for school days beginning April 1.

The state also closed schools in New York for the rest of this school year for two weeks to help combat the flu pandemic.

Officials have also closed some parks and playgrounds.

The city of New Jersey closed all public school buildings and will close most of the other schools on Tuesday.

New Jersey also closed public schools for two days to help address the spread of the flu.

The State Board has closed schools across the state for two and a half weeks to ensure that students in all grades can attend school.

In Nassau, the schools are being closed at a total of six schools.

In Brooklyn, Queens, the counties closed schools for the first time since February to help control the spread.

In Queens, public school officials closed the schools for three days for the purpose of allowing for school closures to continue.

The governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson, also ordered the closure of public schools across state, including schools in Puerto Rico, where schools are open on the island.

In the meantime, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said the state is preparing to close nearly 100 schools.

The governor said that many students have been told they cannot continue to attend schools for extended periods.

The governors office said that state officials have contacted families who have been displaced by Hurricane Sandy, and they are working with them to make sure they can return to their homes.