Students in the Liberty High School gymnasium were among those who took part in a vigil Friday night in support of the students killed in a shooting at a high school in Jefferson County.

Read moreThe vigil started at 4:30 p.m. and drew about 50 students, parents and others from around the region who attended to support students and staff at Liberty High.

According to police, two men opened fire at the school during a party early Friday morning, killing 17-year-old Marcus Greene and wounding three others, including two other students.

Greene was a student at Liberty and the shooting has led to questions about the school’s security.

The school is located in a rural area of Kentucky.

Kentucky Gov.

Matt Bevin has been critical of security measures at the state’s public schools, which are run by a private school system that also operates the public schools.

The state is considering a bill to impose mandatory training for security personnel in the public system.

The Jefferson County district attorney’s office said that Greene’s parents and the other victims’ families are still gathering information about the shooting and the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

Kentuckians for Responsible Gun Owners, a gun rights group, said the shooting happened in the wake of school shootings in Colorado and California that have drawn national attention.

In the first case, a high-school senior killed himself at the end of the school year after being bullied, and in the second case, three students and a teacher died in an apparent murder-suicide at a suburban high school.

The FBI says it is investigating the school shooting as a possible hate crime, but local media outlets have reported that a motive for the shootings remains unclear.ABC News’ Amy Nolen contributed to this report.