A group of students in Virginia, who found themselves in a photo competition, have learned a few things from their mistakes.

Read MoreThe school photo contest is sponsored by the Virginia Department of Education, and the school in question, Arlington High School in Alexandria, is not one of the participating schools.

“I think it’s a pretty great opportunity for the kids to be able to have a good time,” said student and former Arlington teacher, Laura Gee.

This is the second year of the contest, and students will be randomly selected to be entered into the competition.

The first time, the students were allowed to compete with the same photo and voice clips as their friends and family members.

Students in the second contest were told to take notes as they watched a video, and to use those notes to record any mistakes that the students might make.

They were also asked to sign their names, date of birth, and hometown.

Once the students are signed in, they will then be sent a link to an email with instructions to take photos of the students photos.

Gee said the group of girls who won the first competition, found themselves on a school bus, surrounded by other students who were participating in the same competition.

“I was so nervous, like, ‘Is this a prank?’

I was so worried.

I was like, if I didn’t win, I would never get the chance to see these other girls and see the real me,” said Gee, who also said she was embarrassed by how quickly she lost the photo competition. 

Gee says she has never been more proud of her students.

Read moreGee told WVEC-TV she has always been a fan of school photos.

“It’s really cool to have these kids in front of you and you see their face and it’s really interesting,” she said.

 In order to win, students had to be the first to submit their photo, which was posted on Facebook and Instagram.

Each student had to use their own voice clips, and then each student had the option of signing their name, date, and home address.

In total, there were 15 students who participated in the competition, and all 15 of them received a photo from the competition that was posted online.

It was not the first time that students from Virginia have participated in a school photo competition this year.

Last year, students from the school at which Gee teaches were also selected to take part.

“We’re excited that they’re finally getting the opportunity to do it, so it’s nice to see that there’s some positive feedback about it,” Gee said.