Alyssa Edwards and her sisters were in town to promote their new reality show, The Real Houses, in early 2017.

They spent two days in a mansion with the stars, who wore their signature red and blue dress shoes.

Alyssas said she wanted to teach them about housework, cooking, and being good to each other.

The sisters, who also had a lot of fun at the house, shared a photo with their mother that they shared on Instagram.

“I wanted to show you guys, you know, what happens when you work hard and you get what you want,” Alyssah said of the photo.

“That’s what it’s all about.”

Here are some of the things they shared: The first day of the house: “My first day in the house was a lot different.

The air conditioning was different, the lighting was different.

It was a whole new world.

But, you see, I’m so happy I got to have that.

And that’s just a testament to the work ethic of my sisters.”

The second day of The Real Girls: “We were like, ‘Let’s take a break,’ and I’m like, You know what, let’s get back to work.

We have to do some housework.

Let’s get out of here.”

The third day of work: “So, we had to get back into the house and it was kind of a strange, weird, and wild scene.

It kind of felt like we were on vacation.”

Here is a closer look at their day at the mansion: “It was just so beautiful, because it was all these different things we did, you’re like, What’s going on?

I was like, Is this what we’re supposed to be doing?

And they’re like [to] just look at me like, That’s the way we do it, right?

But, we’re in a new world, and there’s a lot more work to do, and you can’t be in this place and not take a day off.”