A new “diversity” program is in the works to help local public schools cope as the city of New York faces a massive disruption of school supplies.

A coalition of organizations are proposing a plan called “New York’s First City Diverse School Diversity Initiative” to create a “diverse school environment” that will encourage “students to participate in diverse programs and activities.”

The initiative aims to provide resources for teachers, administrators, and administrators to “ensure that the diversity of the school is valued and respected,” according to a press release from the NYC Education Department.

“This initiative will help provide support to teachers, principals, administrators and the students in schools that have been impacted by the disruption caused by the massive earthquake, Superstorm Sandy, and Hurricane Irene,” the statement read.

The plan includes a list of resources, including an education-related diversity program that will help “assist schools in addressing student needs by supporting the development and implementation of a diversity and inclusion curriculum, as well as the creation of a community-wide awareness campaign to promote and support inclusion and diversity within schools.”

New York City has been struggling to provide schools with supplies for months due to the unprecedented damage and the need to distribute food and other necessities.

On Tuesday, the New York City Department of Education and its partners announced that they had reached an agreement to expand the “New Orleans” program to include schools in the city’s wealthier suburbs.

The New York Times reported that the deal will help to alleviate the supply shortages in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island.

“The new plan builds on our existing commitment to provide support and resources for schools impacted by Hurricane Sandy and other recent natural disasters to ensure that schools have the resources they need to succeed,” a statement from NYC DOE read.

“This initiative ensures that the New Orleans District School District is prepared to be resilient in the face of disruptions to school supplies.”

While it is unknown exactly how many schools will be affected by the program, the plan would likely include all of New Jersey and New York’s “rich” suburbs, as the region includes more than 300,000 public school students.

The “New New York” program, which was launched in 2017, is intended to help public schools to “make classroom learning more inclusive and inclusive of all students,” according the NYC DOE press release.

New school leaders are expected to discuss the plan with their principals, teachers, and other community leaders on Tuesday, a move that comes after the NYC Department of Finance announced last week that it would spend $400 million to help New York public schools reopen by the end of the year.

Many schools have been left without essential supplies and students are also being forced to travel long distances to school to get supplies.

Some school districts in the region are even taking donations to keep students at home during the school year, according to the New Jersey Post.

But the New New York program is also expected to provide a significant boost to the citys already successful “school diversity” initiative.

This initiative is being developed by a group of education leaders from around the world, including: The New York Education Department, the City of New Orleans, the Mayor of New Mexico, the Director of the New Mexico Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the Secretary of Education of the United States of America, and the CEO of the City University of New Yorkers.

With the support of the Mayor and the Department of Public Health, the program will include a network of over 40 schools across New York to support and educate students, teachers and other staff.

For more information, visit the NYC-Diversity.org website.