The fallout from a school board’s decision to cancel a school day is finally coming to an end.

On Monday, the board voted to scrap a plan to schedule the day for the Franklin High School.

The plan, which was announced after the board met in February, had been scheduled to begin the school year on Tuesday, May 5, 2019.

The plan was initially scheduled to go into effect on Monday, May 1, 2019, but was pulled because the school was unable to get the school to move to the new campus in downtown Louisville.

The school’s current campus is located on the east side of the Louisville Metro area, close to Interstate 70.

The board voted unanimously to suspend the plan until the school could obtain the approval of a school district.

On Tuesday, the district asked for additional time to make its case before the board.

The district argued that the plan would have saved more than $300,000 in tuition and would have been in the best interest of students and teachers.

Board member Mary Lou Levenson said she supports the school district’s position.

She also called for the plan to be reconsidered.

She said the school board should not have cancelled the school day.

She said it was a good plan and that she was very pleased with the district’s decision.