The news that Charlotte Mecklenberg Schools (CMHS) is going to close for a period of up to two years is a huge blow to the Charlotte school district, the parents of students at the high school and other students who are upset by the shutdown.CMHS was originally slated to reopen in 2021, but a decision was made to shutter after the first school year.

That decision was met with great criticism from the district’s parents, who say the school has done nothing to improve student outcomes.

The district’s interim CEO, Dr. John Buell, has defended the decision to close CMHS, stating that there was no need to close the school because it has a better academic performance record than many of its neighboring districts.

The decision was announced Friday by the district on its website.

“The district will be taking a number of steps to ensure that we can continue to provide students with a quality education, and we will continue to invest in our academic achievement and student success programs,” Bueell wrote in the release.

“The decision to shutter CMHS reflects a number, but not all, of these actions.”

Buell said the district will also be reevaluating student achievement, including a “scheduled” review of how well students are doing in the state’s third- and fourth-grade math, reading, science and social studies tests.

In the past two years, the district has seen an uptick in its student test scores, as well as a decrease in suspensions and expulsions.

Mecklenburger Schools will close for two years due to a lack of funds, but the district hopes to reopen for the 2019-2020 school year and beyond.

In a statement, CMHS President and CEO Dr. Andrew Ritz stated, “We are thrilled that our parents and students have had their voices heard in our decision to save the Charlotte Meeklenburg School District and to focus on what is most important: students.”

Mecklinburg Schools will continue operations in a manner that respects its legacy, including offering special programs, as long as it’s appropriate, the statement said.

The district says that it will be hiring additional staff to work at CMHS.

CMHS will remain open until February 2021, and it will reopen in 2019.

Meeklenberg School District issued the following statement Friday morning:We are deeply disappointed by the decision by CMHS to close our district, which has been a great place to live, learn, and work for decades.

Our district will continue its efforts to remain open, and CMHS has been instrumental in helping to ensure CMHS remains a quality, high-performing school for our students.

We thank all of our students for their support and dedication to the Meeklinburg School System.