Medical students need to take the next step in their career and get a medical degree if they want to land a job as a primary care doctor.

The rankings of top medical schools were released Monday by the American Medical Association (AMA).

The AMA is a trade group that represents the largest medical schools in the nation.

The AMA ranked the top 10 medical colleges in each of the 12 metrics.

The top 10 are based on the AMA’s 2018 Best Medical Schools ranking, which was released in October.

Here are the 10 best medical school rankings:1.

Brigham and Women’s: The Brigham and Men’s medical school ranked No. 1 for each of those metrics.

Brigham was ranked No: 1 in every metric.

Its graduation rate was 82.6 percent, according to the AMA.

Brigham is in Provo, Utah, and its faculty is mostly male, making it one of the smallest and least diverse medical schools.2.

University of Utah: The University of Salt Lake ranked No.: 1 in each metric.

The school has a large campus in Provos’ Salt Lake City area, and it’s one of three schools in Utah that’s an accredited member of the Association of American Medical Colleges.3.

Columbia University: Columbia University ranked No 1 in both the primary care and primary care specialty areas, and in the medical school.

Its faculty is primarily female, and the school’s graduates are more likely to earn advanced degrees in other fields.4.

University at Buffalo: The Buffalo school ranked among the top five for both primary care physician and advanced degrees.

The University at Bills has a campus in the Buffalo, New York, area.5.

University Medical Center: The UMC School of Medicine ranked No, 2 in each category.

Its graduates are among the best in the United States, with 93 percent of its students achieving medical school degrees.6.

University Of California, Davis: The UC Davis medical school ranks No. 3 in each major.

Its graduating class is overwhelmingly male, and UC Davis is among the smallest medical schools nationally.7.

New York University: The New York medical school was ranked among top five medical schools, according the AMA, with the highest percentage of its graduates pursuing advanced degrees from other areas.8.

Boston University: Boston University ranked in the top 5 for both specialty and undergraduate programs.

Its medical school is among two that are in Boston.9.

University At Buffalo: University at Billings ranked among seven schools that were among the most diverse medical colleges nationwide.

The medical school’s faculty is comprised of mostly African American and Hispanic students.10.

University Hospitals Boston: The medical hospital ranked No., 1 in the AMA rankings.

The hospital’s graduation rate is 85.9 percent, making the hospital one of its smallest and less diverse schools.