— When it opened in 2010, Magic School Bus received a $3.5 million federal grant to upgrade electricians and other school bus drivers.

Now the company is planning to add more schools and upgrade more buses, the Orange County Register reported Monday.

The grant program was announced in May to help businesses that have trouble finding skilled electricians to help with maintenance and repairs of their electric vehicles, such as those used to transport students and families.

The company says it has been recruiting and hiring electricians since it opened, and it plans to add 10 schools and increase the number of schools in its fleet.

Its first school is in California.

In a news release, Magic Schools President John Schumann said the company plans to use the money to upgrade its schools and add more buses.

The announcement comes as Florida Gov.

Rick Scott (R) and Florida Education Commissioner Michael Burch have urged school districts across the state to expand electric school bus use, saying they need more school bus service to improve the quality of education.

In March, the Florida Department of Transportation approved a pilot program for electric school buses that would allow them to be used in certain schools and provide free parking to students, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The Florida School Boards Association opposes the program.