The ACT’s schools have been hit hard by the closure of schools, with the average number of students on day one of school has decreased by 20 per cent in the past two years.

Schools in South Australian State’s North West are also facing a similar effect, with almost 30 per cent of students now on day two of school.

“We’re getting more and more students out of school, particularly those from families with lower incomes,” Professor Alan Boon, an associate professor of education at the University of Canberra, told ABC Radio Adelaide.

Mr Boon said the closure had caused a significant impact on the classroom.

He said some students had been in the classroom for three hours or more without any homework.

Professor Boon has called for a re-evaluation of the state’s education policy and suggested some of the changes he proposed could be more beneficial for students.

“What we are seeing is a number of the measures that were put in place have had an impact on students,” he said.

The ACT Government is considering a number measures to improve the school environment, including making students in disadvantaged schools more accountable for their behaviour, including using video cameras and monitoring students’ behaviour on the internet.

“If they don’t learn how to read and write, that’s a problem, and that’s not the same as a learning disability, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have that opportunity,” Senator Boon told ABC Adelaide.

“I think we have to be very careful about what we’re doing in schools.”

“Schools have to have a very high level of discipline and that means students have to learn how they behave, that means they have to understand the difference between right and wrong, that is the foundation for good school education.”

Senator Boon also said he was hoping to see more students from low income families get into school.

“I think that the more students we get into schools, the more opportunities we have, the better school education we can provide for kids who might otherwise not have that chance,” he told ABC radio.

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