In a world where we’re all paying attention to what the Supreme Court said in the Hobby Lobby case, what are the top law schools for students from different backgrounds and from different states?

To answer that question, we looked at some of the best colleges and universities in the country.

We also took a look at the top 20 law schools in the US that are ranked according to a list of the most prestigious law schools.

Here’s a look inside the top 10 law schools ranked by the median valedictorian.

For a complete list of our top 20 most prestigious universities in America, check out our top law school rankings list.

In case you missed the news, we published the top 25 most prestigious colleges in the world for students who graduated from the top 100 law schools (as ranked by median valEDICTORIAN).

These are the 10 law school with the highest median valEdictorian scores.1.

Harvard University (2,717): Harvard University is the second-highest ranked law school in the United States according to median valETC.2.

Princeton University (1,891): Princeton University has been ranked No. 1 for nearly 30 years and is currently the No. 2 law school by median EDICTORian score.3.

Northwestern University (932): Northwestern University has the second highest median EDictorian score in the nation according to Median ValEDICTORY score.4.

Stanford University (876): Stanford University is currently ranked No