FourFourtwo New York City schools have released new school images, showing new students, teachers, faculty, and even a student in a red school jacket.

The images were released by New York State Board of Education (BES) in response to a request by local media outlets for school photos and teacher bios.

New York City Public Schools released the images to their Instagram account, @NYCPSP.

“I just wanted to share the pictures with all the people who have been asking us for these,” Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams tweeted.

Many of the photos feature teachers, students, and teachers from the Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Adams said that while he was impressed with the quality of the images, he thought the school’s use of photos of teachers, staff, and students would be more appropriate.

I was really impressed by the quality and the work ethic of the teachers, including the one in the pink uniform.

And yes, I have the same red uniform on my desk in the school,” said a New York High School student.

Adams also commented on the school photos, saying that he wanted to thank students and teachers for their dedication and dedication to serving students.

Some of the schools images include students from schools in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten island, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, as well as other schools in Staten Island.