The latest numbers from the National Center for Education Statistics show that nearly all of the schools in the state of Kentucky are experiencing an increase in student dropouts in the fall.

The numbers also show that the majority of districts are seeing more students dropout in the last four years than they were in the previous two.

Kentucky has one of the lowest rates of student dropout nationally.

Nearly all of Kentucky’s districts are experiencing a decline in student enrollment due to the economic recession.

The National Center of Education Statistics reports that in the year ending December 31, 2019, 4,945,928 students were enrolled in K-12 public schools in Kentucky.

That was a decrease of almost 20,000 students from the year before.

While this is not an unprecedented decrease, it is the most severe and concerning for several reasons.

First, the rate of student enrollment in Kentucky has been on the decline for several years now.

The last year that the number of students enrolled in public schools declined was 2014.

In 2015, Kentucky reported that students were enrolling in public education at a rate of 11.6% compared to 15.7% the previous year.

Second, the economic downturn has affected students enrollment in public school as well. 

Kentucky is home to approximately 3.6 million students, of which 3.5 million are attending K-2 schools.

A third of these students are students who are enrolled in private schools, which have to provide for a higher amount of funding than public schools.

The third reason that students are dropping out of K-1 and K-3 schools is because of the financial crisis.

Because of the economic hardships that the state has been experiencing, many schools have closed or were recently closed, including Lexington Public Schools, Franklin County Public Schools and the city of Louisville.

The state is currently facing a $1.5 billion budget deficit.

If the state were to continue to see this kind of enrollment decline, the state would have to reduce the amount of money that schools are receiving from the federal government. 

However, according to a statement from the Kentucky Education Association, the Kentucky Department of Education has proposed a plan to address the shortfall that would allow the state to continue receiving federal funds. 

In a statement, the group noted that the proposed plan would provide for additional funding for Kentucky’s public schools and would allow for additional school closures and additional closures in the future.

The Department of Justice released a statement on the proposed budget cuts and the proposed federal funding in December, saying that the proposal would “create additional uncertainty for schools and students by limiting the availability of federal funds to support K-5, K-8, and K6 public schools.”