A school in Florida is being targeted by Reddit after the school posted a post about a new medical school in Bartending.

Reddit’s administrators have launched an investigation.

Read moreIn a comment to a post titled Bartending medical school opening, Reddit admin Adam Sommers wrote that the Bartending school is “an incredibly prestigious medical school with a long history of outstanding graduates.

The posts made in response to the post and the comments to the original post are not only offensive, but they do not reflect the values of the Bartenders community.”

The Bartenders school in Tampa has been the subject of controversy since the school announced last month that it would not open, and the school is currently being criticized for posting a post from a Reddit user who claimed to have been at the school, and who posted pictures of the school’s faculty.

The school says it’s taking the posts down.

A Reddit spokesperson told The Associated Press that the school was notified of the post on Thursday, and that administrators are taking action against the user.

The Reddit post said the school had recently reopened after it was closed by a federal judge.

It said Bartending would be opening in October.

The Bartender’s Academy at the Bartender School in Tampa was one of two schools in Florida that were the subject to a federal lawsuit in January.

That lawsuit was later dropped.