It was a Monday afternoon in June.

A group of boys, including the principal, had just gathered at a playground to play with toys.

The principal had left the playground and had gone inside to pick up some supplies.

When he returned, the boys had returned with the principal’s body, a bag full of clothes and a gun.

The police, according to the school district, found a 9mm pistol, a knife, two baseball bats, a helmet and a T-shirt in the principal.

The school district was investigating whether the principal had violated the school’s dress code.

There were no witnesses, no one who saw anything suspicious, the school board reported.

But when the school came to the district’s attention, the principal was dead.

The tragedy was the result of a “sudden and unexpected event,” said Superintendent Paul Gagliano.

“This was not random.

This was not an accident,” he said.

The coroner determined that the principal shot himself after an argument.

Gagliiano called the incident an “unprovoked, untimely, tragic event.”

He said the principal should have known better.

“He was well known for his good character, his good demeanor, and he would do everything in his power to keep this school safe,” he told the Austin American-Statesman.

“If he had any doubts about his safety, he would have been fired by his colleagues.”

The principal, whose name was withheld by the school, had worked at Primrose High School for less than a year.

According to the superintendent, he was also a good student.

He graduated from the school in 2014.

“The safety of all students, including those with disabilities, must always be our first priority,” Gaglo said in a statement.

“We will always hold our teachers and staff accountable.”

When he died, the Texas Rangers were called to investigate.

The incident has reignited a debate about whether teachers should be armed in schools.

Many parents say that is the only way to ensure safety and the ability to teach.

The district superintendent said that was not the case, and the shooting was not related to the teachers’ dress code or disciplinary policies.

The chief of the school police department said there was no “credible information” that led to the shooting.

The Texas Department of Public Safety did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.