West High in rural western Massachusetts is preparing to reopen Wednesday after its school board approved a request to shutter the school after it was closed last year for safety reasons.

The board voted Monday to extend the school’s closure for at least another week to give it time to study and determine whether the school will reopen.

The district had been seeking approval to shutter its school for the last two years.

In a statement, the school district said the school would remain open and open to the public on Wednesday, but only if the district receives the necessary permits.

The request was approved by the Board of Trustees, a bipartisan group of school trustees, and the state’s Department of Education.

The district, with a enrollment of about 2,300 students, was closed in September 2016 because of an outbreak of coronavirus that was traced to a student.

The school’s principal resigned after the district’s board voted to keep him in his job.

The closure of the school and its surrounding community led to a number of closures in Massachusetts and New York, including the closure of a public high school in the Boston suburb of Somerville in July 2016.

The West High school was the site of a mass shooting in 2013, when a gunman killed nine people and wounded 19 others in a school.

The gunman, Michael Jordan, also died in the shooting.