GREENVILLE, S.C. — When schoolgirl Amber Corley vanished from her home on June 19, 2016, she was a 15-year-old Greenville County student.

Police say Amber’s disappearance was not isolated and that she may be in danger.

Greenville County Sheriff Jim Chaney says Amber’s abduction came as a shock to the community.

“It was an unexpected event that did not come from any type of plan or plan-in-process that she was abducted by somebody, or that she had any plans to be abducted by anybody,” Chaney said.

Chaney said Amber’s family has been notified of the possibility that Amber may be abducted.

Amber was last seen on June 21.

Authorities are investigating the possibility she may already be dead.

Officials said Amber may have taken off in a car with her mother and sister, possibly to an area of the city where she may still be living.

She is described as about 5 feet tall, weighing 130 pounds with brown hair.

She has tattoos on both sides of her face and a tattoo on her right wrist.

Investigators are asking anyone with information on Amber’s whereabouts to contact Crime Stoppers at (843) 636-TIPS.

The Greenville Sheriff’s Office is working closely with the Greenville Police Department to assist in the investigation. AlertMe