Public school girls are getting a little more serious about their uniforms this year, with the school district announcing it is now allowing public school girls to wear skirts and dresses in schools, in a move that could raise eyebrows.

Public school uniforms are a trend in Japan.

They have been used by public schoolgirls since the 1950s and are now becoming more mainstream, but they’re still worn by a small number of schools, such as private schools.

The schools are trying to make it easier for students to participate in extracurricular activities, such the school dance and sports.

The district has also announced that all girls will be allowed to wear dresses in all public schools.

This includes all the private and parochial schools, but also the two public high schools in the district.

The girls will also be allowed in the school pool.

There’s no specific rules on what schools can and can’t do with their uniforms, and the district said it will make sure they’re in line with the uniform code.

The dress code will not be enforced at all, and any student who doesn’t follow it will be suspended, the district wrote on its website.

The district says it is also adding more uniform options to the schools, including a cap that the schools can wear, to make their uniforms more uniform-like.

The district is also asking students to dress up in their own school uniform.

School girls are not allowed to go to public elementary schools.