Cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, have surged in value in recent months, as a number of schools and Halloween decorations have been targeted.

But the Halloween costumes for some students have also come under fire, with parents questioning why their children would want to participate in the holiday, or to wear a costume that was made by someone who would be considered racist.

A video on social media by the Georgia Southern College Student Government Association (GSCSA) shows the students in a costume as the school girl in costume in the video.

The students say they were inspired by a post on the Georgia Tech Student Government Facebook page, where a group of white students asked the students to dress as black students.

The group also suggested the students wear a mask.

Some parents said the students should not have been allowed to wear the costume because it was made in a country where black people were still banned from wearing masks, even though the US Supreme Court ruled in 2015 that they were protected under the First Amendment.

“I think it’s just a matter of basic human decency, and this should not be allowed to happen,” said Sarah Smith, the principal of the Georgia State College of Law.

Smith said she had also noticed the students were wearing hats, and that some were wearing masks.

But she said the hat was made for the school.

“It was made to look like a mask, not to be offensive,” she said.

Parents also said the costumes were racist.

“We have been seeing the students wearing this hat for years, so I don’t think they were unaware of it,” said Susan Tompkins, the president of the Atlanta-based NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

She said it was not uncommon for students to wear masks and costumes during school trips, but that the costume worn by the students was not appropriate for Halloween.

The GSCSA said in a statement that the students had made a mistake.

“The costume is a costume made to be seen as part of a Halloween tradition, and not for the purpose of making a statement,” the statement said.

“The student costume is an appropriate representation of our community.”

The Georgia Southern Student Government said it would “take appropriate action” in the coming days, according to its Facebook page.

The student government had not responded to a request for comment.