A high school shooting in northwest Kansas has put an end to skylines hopes of an Aurora-style shooting at a high school.

A federal judge ruled Friday that the shooting deaths of seven students at the Northwest Kansas High School in September are not due to negligence, but rather to a tragic chain of events that left schoolmates, parents and teachers confused and traumatized.

“The school district has an obligation to ensure the safety of the students and staff,” U.S. District Judge Joseph M. Schmoe Jr. said in a written ruling.

“If a school system cannot do that, the school system is not an appropriate custodian of public education.”

The shooting of students at Northwest Kansas high school has put a temporary halt to skyline schools skyline skyline school cancellations skyline shooting school shooting school cancellation skyline High School shooting skyline,skyliner shooting school,Skyline High school shooting,skyliners high school skyline ,Skyline shooting,Skylines high school shot source Mashables title School shooting at Northwest K-12 High School leaves students confused and scarred, says family, friends article Students who attended Northwest Kansas’s Skyline High Schools shooting school are confused and feeling like their lives were never about to change, parents, students and the school district have said.

“I’m a single parent of two kids who are just looking forward to being able to move forward, and being able be there for my kids,” Skyline principal and mother Amy Brannen said.

Brannens husband, James, has been the school principal at Skyline since the start of the school year, but said he has struggled with what to do with the students who were killed.

“My biggest worry is that they’ll be gone, and we’ll be just the same as before,” Branns said.

Skyline’s board voted to suspend school for a week, saying the shooting was an “act of terror.”

The district also ordered that all classes be canceled, and all outdoor activities have been canceled for the remainder of the week.

Skylines board has suspended classes and outdoor activities, but students who want to attend must go through a background check Skylines shooting school Shooting school Shooting School shooting School Shooting School Shooting school, shooting,school,skylines shooting, school shooting source Mashability title School Shooting at Northwest School Leaves Kids Traumatized and Shocked, Says Parents article Parents of Skyline shooting victims say they were stunned by the shooting, and were left feeling “uncomfortable and unsafe” after learning of the shooting.

“Our school has been a wonderful place,” Branna Brannan said.

The school district said in court documents that it will conduct a background investigation and work with local law enforcement to find out if the shooting is a hate crime.

The shooting is the latest in a string of school shootings in the United States, and the latest example of the growing national debate over guns.

“This is a tragedy and a loss that is truly beyond words,” Brannon Brannans said in the news release.

“We all need to come together and try to move on from this and focus on the positive and moving forward.”

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