The worst school in Alabama, according to the most recent annual rankings by the Alabama Department of Education, is Rutherford County High School in Rutherford County, where students are reportedly being forced to wear the school’s school colors on their arms and the school has a school bus with red and white stripes on it.

The Rutherford County School District’s Facebook page has a video featuring students who are in uniform and are singing, “It’s time for me to go home!”

The video also includes a quote from the school district’s principal, and shows a student wearing a t-shirt reading “Love Alabama.”

Rutherford County has one of the highest student retention rates in the state, and Rutherford County schools have the highest graduation rate in the U.S. at 72 percent.

But the school is also home to some of the nation’s highest rates of truancy and student discipline.

The district’s website states that the school “tends to be a highly competitive school and students who don’t graduate from high school are often forced to go back to school after a year or two.”

The district’s most recent budget was approved by the state legislature in December.

The budget included $1 million to upgrade the school bus, but the money is not guaranteed until next year, according, the Rutherford County Times reported.

Rutherford County Schools also plans to offer additional scholarships for students who graduate, but no details about the scholarships have been released.

The school district is one of two in Alabama to be ranked #1 in the nation by the Better Business Bureau.

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