A student from St Paul’s School in Collier County was forced to move out of his home due to a lack of resources.

Key points:In 2016, Collier school closed due to budget cutsIn 2016 a teacher and two students died in an explosion at St Pauls School in south-west MelbourneIn 2016 the school was evacuated after the fire was extinguishedA school official told the ABC it was the hardest-hit part of Collier when it was closed.

“The hardest hit part of the school, it was really the schools south-east and west and the east,” Superintendent Greg Jones told the Herald Sun.

“They are really a key area for us.”

The ABC understands that, as a result of the fire, some of the students have moved away from the school.

“It’s been really difficult,” said the boy, who asked to be identified as John.

He said he could not afford to pay for a house or car to move back to the Collier area, and he had been forced to take a job in the construction industry.

“It is really tough to come home and move back because you have to pay rent,” he said.

“I just don’t have any money.

I have a degree and I am looking for work.”

And then I just have to go to work and pay the rent.

I can’t even afford to rent a car and drive to work, because I am just so broke.””

I can live there, but I don’t want to live there,” he added.

The school’s principal, John Bierut, said he would not be commenting on the matter further.”

We have an emergency plan in place,” he told the station.”

This is not something we are commenting on.

“The Collier Schools board of directors will discuss the situation with the regional fire service on Tuesday.