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Find a good job in the Bay Area.

The Bay Area has plenty of good companies for millennials.2.

Find the right job in a market that has the right demographics.3.

Be a good listener.4.

Look at your competitors.5.

Be realistic.

Recode’s Ezra Klein explains the biggest challenges to the millennial workforce in an interview with Recode editor-in-chief, Kara Swisher.

Read More >In addition, Recode is launching a new feature called “The Code of Silence,” which asks millennial workers to refrain from saying things that might get in the way of getting a job.

That’s why Recode wants to encourage this kind of code of silence.

“We want to make sure we’re talking to our young people, that we’re giving them the tools to do the job that they’re interested in doing, that they can get a good paycheck, and that they have a career,” Recode CEO Jonah Peretti told Business Insider.

“So the more we can keep that code of quiet, the better off we’re going to be.”

If you’re not doing it, you’re really not doing anything, so you really should stop it.

“If you think the Code of Silent is a good idea, Recodes is also hosting a free training on how to make a great resume, interview strategy, and cover letter, starting today.

The program, hosted by the Recode Digital Media Lab, will be open to anyone, and will be offered for free for two weeks.

You can sign up to attend, and if you’re ready to make the transition, you can find out how to register for the program.

Recodes also has a list of other resources for millennials, and you can get more details about the training on the Recodes website.

In the meantime, we’ll be focusing on the top three things millennials need to know about hiring, so check out the interview guide to learn about the challenges and how to avoid them.