New guidelines will help you and your children avoid some of the biggest headaches as the school tie season kicks into high gear.

School tie removal, also known as school tie-downs, has been in full swing in Rutherford Counties.

The Rutherford County Board of Education has issued a new safety plan, outlining how to remove school ties and ensure everyone stays safe.

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Rutherford County Schools have a new “School Tie Removal Safety Strategy” document that outlines how to ensure everyone is safely removed from a school tie.

“We’ve seen a lot of families who’ve got a tie, and they’ve been upset, because they can’t leave, and we have a little bit of a safety net for them,” said Sharon Miller, the school board’s deputy superintendent.

“We’ve got these safety tips that we have to follow.”

Rutherford School Safety TipsRutherford schools have new safety tips for tie removal.

Read more about safety tipsRutherford school district officials have also created a web page to help families understand the rules and procedures surrounding tie removal and how to safely remove a tie.

The page includes safety tips such as:Never leave children unattended while tie removal is in progress or during a scheduled recess.

Never leave children alone while tying.

Keep children in a safe location.

Never leave a tie tied to a child.

The rules and guidelines for tying school ties are as follows:”School tie remover is performed by the school district,” the document states.

“The school district may choose to perform the removal by itself or with the help of a local company, but not without the approval of the Rutherford County School Board.

Any tie removers performed by local companies will need to meet the following criteria:A school district employee or employee of the local contractor performing the remover must be present during the removing process.

The remover cannot be carried by a person other than the removee.

The local contractor must also provide a photo ID.

The removally is only removed from children under age 14, who are present during all tying.

The removal may be performed by a qualified person.

The person performing the removal must wear a mask, face cover and gloves.

The removal cannot be performed with any other object.

The property owner must be notified immediately if the property is being tied to or otherwise removed from any school.

The school tieremoval is performed within a 24-hour period following school hours.

A school district officer or school resource officer may attend any school tie event, but the removed tie must be removed in person from the school building.

If the school is open during school hours, the person performing a tie removal must notify the school and the event organizer.

In the event of a tie removal that is being performed outside of school hours or when the event is not scheduled to occur during school, a school resource employee may be present to supervise and assist.

School resource officers must be at all times on-site and must wear an approved school safety vest.

Schools must have a safe, secure, and secure school tie room.

School tie rooms must be kept free of distractions and open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If a tie is not removed by the appropriate authority within 24 hours, a complaint may be filed with the Rutherford Community Schools Resource Services Unit.

A copy of the complaint must be provided to the Rutherford Township School Board or the Rutherford Schools Resource Officer.

The information collected in the complaint will be used to evaluate the extent and severity of the ties removal.

If a complaint is filed and a tieremoval is performed, the Rutherford school district must provide a copy of this report to the county school district for review and approval.

Raleigh, NC (WRAL) – Schools in North Carolina are being warned to be cautious in the aftermath of a string of school tie and safety issues in the past few weeks.

New safety guidelines issued by the Rutherford Countians School Board on Monday include a warning for tie remOVALS in the wake of an incident in a North Carolina high school.

Ralph Nunn, the state’s former education secretary, issued a series of recommendations that were issued after a string at North Carolina schools over the past several weeks, including the removal of school ties for some students.

The state said it will require schools to have a safety plan for tieremOVALS, and that any tieremoved must be immediately removed from the student.

Nunn recommended the state take action to address the issue by requiring all schools to be able to tie their students.

Noll said he had received numerous reports from parents of tieremovers that were not removed.

Nuns’ recommendations include requiring school districts to have school tie staff members on hand to tie ties and a school district liaison officer who would be available at all tieremoves.

The recommendations were made following the release of a report on ties removALes by the North Carolina Department