Buffalo, NY – A bill introduced by Republican state Rep. Mark Lillis would allow a school district to use materials it received from a local contractor when buying school supplies.

“If the school superintendent says we need something new, let’s go to the local supplier,” Lilliscans office said.

Lillis, who is running for governor, introduced the bill on Wednesday, calling for school districts to purchase school supplies from local vendors when they are coming into school districts.

“It should be used only for the purpose of providing essential education to our students, not for profit,” Lellis said.

School districts could not purchase school materials from outside vendors without the approval of the state, Lillisi said.

The bill would require school districts that received a federal grant, such as the one given to Buffalo Public Schools, to make use of the funds if they choose to use the materials for a new purpose.

In response to the bill, the Buffalo School District said it was working to find other sources for school supplies and would seek an agreement with another school district.