A new medical student centre at St. Paul’s University is on track to open in 2018.

The centre is the brainchild of the Irish Medical Association (IMA), the health and education body for the country’s hospitals.

The new building will house a number of medical schools including a new specialist in paediatrics, a new paediatric surgical training facility and a new training hospital for women’s health.

The IMA said it hoped the new school would boost the health sector’s standing in Ireland, where the number of people with a serious condition has more than doubled since the recession began.

The building will include a new pediatrics training centre, a training hospital, and a women’s and child’s health centre.

It will also be the largest single medical school in Ireland and will include four separate training centres for paediatrics and general surgery.

The school will be located at the site of the former St Pauls Hospital, which closed in 2015.

Its predecessor St. Thomas’ Hospital was built in 1894 and was later moved to the city centre.

The project, which is being funded by the Health Research Council, will also include the construction of a new women’s hospital for children.

The Irish Times can reveal that the centre’s first cohort of students are expected to begin arriving by the end of 2018.

The students will include medical students from St. Joseph’s Hospital, Dublin, and the University of Limerick.

The campus is expected to open its doors to students in 2019.

Its design, which will be made up of six buildings, will be inspired by a hospital in the US that is designed to house up to 100 students in one room.

It is designed by London-based architects Tynan Brown Architects.

Its estimated cost is €8.7 million.

It was announced last week that the school will operate at a cost of €30 million, which includes €2.3 million for site preparation, €2 million for land acquisition and €2,500 per year in rent.

Its website has been updated with information about the project.