A mother and daughter are raising four boys in a town where everyone knows everyone else.

They have been living in a trailer park for two years. 

They were inspired by the community of Brookfield Public Schools, a community of roughly 2,000 in southern Massachusetts that is one of the largest school systems in the country.

Their motto is: “Let the children learn.

Let the kids grow.” 

And it’s working.

Brookfield schools have posted better-than-expected test scores in a decade, while the number of students with disabilities has more than doubled. 

But, for parents and teachers alike, this is about more than the students. 

“There are a lot of kids who need help, and there’s a lot that needs to be done in terms of education,” said Brooke Schilling, the mother of two boys. 

In fact, more than half of Brookfields students are enrolled in a special education program. 

And, for some of them, the school system is the only thing keeping them afloat. 

“[We] want to raise them to be the best we can be,” said Schilling. 

One of the girls, Tami, has cerebral palsy. 

She says her mom has always believed in her, and now that she has a job and a family, she wants to be a better person. 

The other girl, Luke, has Down syndrome. 

He has a disability that makes it hard for him to walk and talk. 

Tami has an academic achievement gap of 8.8 points. 

Luke has a gap of 15.2 points.

She hopes to have her doctor read the data to determine whether or not she should be in a school. 

What would you like to see from the Obama administration in the future? 

We have to have the kind of school systems that are the envy of the world. 

I’m not worried about the budget, because that’s all I have to worry about is my kids. 

How would you spend your money? 

I think that’s the big challenge for me.

I don’t know what the administration is going to do. 

You can’t do anything right now. 

My son is autistic.

It’s not going to be easy to have him there. 

It’s going to take some hard work to make sure that I’m there.

Is there anything that the administration can do? 

The federal government has a lot more to do than just send money to the states. 

We need to be able to fund schools. 

There are people out there that are making a difference, and it’s up to the people of the country to make a difference. 

This is what our families are doing.

This is how we raised our kids.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your political affiliation. 

As the mothers of two sons, we hope that this campaign is an inspiration to others who are struggling. 

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