FourFourThree readers respond: “I love this article and it makes me want to be more like your dad, who is just as much of a success story.”

“I don’t believe the word ‘successful’ means what it says, but the article is great and I’ll definitely be using it again.”

“This article has helped me to see what is possible for a guy who lives in the suburb of Arlington High School, and I’m excited to learn from the advice in it.”

“The article really gives me hope.”

“Being in the middle of the suburbs with your kids and having to deal with a lot of noise is a challenge, but it’s a great way to get to know people and to see where they’re at in life.”

“You learn so much about yourself by seeing how you relate to others.

You learn to be less judgmental of other people, and to have compassion for people who are different from you.””

If you’re not satisfied with yourself, you’re probably going to want to work hard on your self-esteem.””

It makes me feel so good to be in the same place as the people who really care about me.””

All my friends are from the suburbs and I feel like I’m not that far away from them.””

These tips are great and they give me confidence.””

They also teach me a lot about myself and how to treat others, and help me to have more confidence in my own abilities.”

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It takes a lot to achieve what you want.

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