The Seattle Public Schools announced on Wednesday that the school will honor a student for her “courage” in using “high-impact” clothing to wear to school.

The school will award a scholarship for the student to attend a high-impact school with the name of the student’s favorite outfit, said the school in a statement.

School officials said the name, “Crazy School Girl,” will be featured on a website for the school and school staff members will have the option to wear it on their uniforms.

The student who receives the scholarship will also be given an online copy of the school newspaper, according to the statement.

The costume was worn by the 14-year-old girl on Tuesday.

The school said she was wearing it as part of her “high impact” uniform, which was worn on Tuesday during her first day of class at Washington High School.

It was unclear how many students wore the costume.

The district does not release school records, and the student was not identified in the statement Wednesday.

School district spokeswoman Ashley Miller said the district is working with the school district to “make sure this is not the case” in the future.