With every week that passes, the NFL continues to reinvent itself.

But for some, it seems like it’s become more and more difficult to understand the sport’s most fundamental concepts.

We asked the experts at The NFL, the National Football League Players Association, and the NFL Players Association of America to explain why players are getting older, why the league is taking a different approach to concussion testing and why they think players are being overlooked in the concussion reform debate.

Here’s what they had to say:What’s the most important difference between the NFL and the National Basketball Association?

The most important differences between the two leagues are the number of teams.

The NFL has 14 teams, while the National NBA has 14 franchises.

For the first time ever, the NBA and the NBA Players Association are collaborating on the concussion research and development process.

What this means is that there will be more and better players and coaches in the league.

And that’s really exciting for us.

What’s happening to the NFL’s concussion protocol?

As a result of a major increase in the number and seriousness of head injuries, there has been an increase in players being examined in the United States.

While the NFL has made strides in addressing the problem of concussions, it has yet to address the specific mechanisms that can contribute to concussions.

The current protocol for diagnosing concussions includes physical exams, neuropsychological testing, and neuroimaging (brain scans) that are done with the players’ consent.

These tests are conducted by a third party, and can take up to four weeks to be completed.

How does the league plan to address this?

The NFL believes that the current protocol should be expanded to include more types of examinations.

In fact, the league will conduct additional testing as part of the protocol in the coming years, including MRI scans.

What is this new protocol?

The league is developing a protocol to improve the concussion diagnosis and treatment in the NFL.

The league believes that this new approach will better support the health and well-being of players and their families.

How can I learn more about the NFL concussion protocol and what can I expect to see in the future?

The current concussion protocol is based on the National Athletic Trainers Association’s protocol.

This is the standard protocol used by all NFL players and is based upon scientific evidence that has been proven to be reliable and safe.

The new protocol is different.

It includes a set of additional procedures to support the NFLs concussion protocols and to ensure that all athletes are fully informed about them.

These additional procedures include:In addition to the current NFL concussion protocols, we have developed a comprehensive concussion care plan that will include the following:Inclusion of the use of technology in the training and development of the league’s players, coaches, and trainers; A comprehensive concussion training program; A concussion testing program to ensure all NFLers are fully and fully informed of the risk of concussive injuries and the importance of taking steps to reduce those risks; and The development of a comprehensive concussivescare plan that includes the use and deployment of technology to help improve the overall health and wellbeing of all players and the entire league.

Why do you think NFL players are overrepresented in the current concussion crisis?

The problem is the NFL is in the middle of a concussion crisis.

Over the last decade, players have become more educated about the risks of concussion, but the number is still not high enough.

For many players, the concussion crisis has not been a crisis but an opportunity for them to improve their game and their football skills.

How will this new NFL concussion care and testing protocol help players?

This new protocol will include more than just neuropsychology testing and neuropsychologic testing.

It will also include more of the neuroimaged information that we are now starting to see and will be available to all NFL teams.

Players and their family members will be able to get in touch with the league directly.

The additional information that the NFL will be sharing with the player and his or her family will include information about the development of concussion protocols.

In addition, the protocol will allow the league to collect data about the risk factors for concussion and how the players can reduce the risk for future concussions and how to mitigate the risk when the player is on the field.

What’s next for the NFL?

In 2018, we plan to launch a concussion policy with a focus on the development and implementation of this new concussion protocol.

The policy will be released at the end of 2019.

What are some of the challenges facing the NFL in the next decade?

There are a number of challenges.

We have a lot of research that is still in its infancy and it’s important that the league and its employees are fully engaged in this research.

The data we have now will be critical to improving our football health and safety in the decades ahead.

The more data that is released, the better.

What do you hope the NFL gets out of this?

I hope the league continues to improve its concussion protocols in order