Hi guys,  this is an open thread.

I am a dental assistant in a high school speaking English and am interested in what other people think about dental assistant schools.

What do you think about these schools?

What is your opinion about them?

If you can answer at least one of these questions and would like to add your voice to the discussion, I would appreciate it.

If not, please PM me. 1.

If you are from the United States, is it a good idea to go to dental assistant training school in the U.S.?

Yes, it is a good option.


If dental assistant education is free, can you tell me what kind of schools you would consider to be dental assistants?



What is the biggest issue that dental assistants face?

There are many.


Do you think that the high school and dental assistant programs are suitable for everyone?

No. 5.

What would you like to see in dental assistant program?

Better training for the students, better education for the dental assistant profession.


Do dental assistants want to be paid as professionals?

Dentists are paid in line with their profession.

They can receive more money in exchange for their services.


If I have to pay for dental assistants education, what should I do?

You should always pay for your dental assistants schooling and should have an idea of what your options are.


Do people who have dental assistants in their lives get upset about it?

Many people who work in dental offices feel like they are paying for something that is not their own.


Do the dental assistants pay taxes?

This is not a big issue.


Are dental assistants required to have a college degree?

Not really.


Do dentists think dental assistants are the worst people?

People are surprised to see dental assistants.


If the dental office isnt in the same area, how do you decide who is a dentist and who is not?

A dentist is an employee who is paid for the services they provide.


Are there any other things that you would like dental assistants to know about the dental profession?

We should talk about the students who are working in dental assistants and the students that are attending dental school.


Do students like dental assistant positions?

I do not think so. 15.

How can dental assistants improve their English skills?

The students that work in the dental school have the best chance of getting into dental school because they speak English well.


Is there a good or bad dentist who isnt practicing dentistry in your area?

Dr. Shulman has been practicing dentists in the United Kingdom for 25 years.


What are the advantages of working in a dental office?

They are very easy to work with, they are paid fairly and they do not require a high degree of knowledge.


What about dental education?

Some dental schools do not provide dental school in a traditional way.


How do dental assistants work?

An important thing to remember is that you are an employee and the dental staff should be paid fairly.


Do toothpastes have any benefits?

Every dental assistant has a different opinion on this topic.


Do they have any special privileges?

It depends on the school.

There are some dental schools that have special privileges for dentists that are not available to everyone.


What do dental students have to do in order to get their dental assistants degree?

Dentistry students have a lot of things to do to improve their dental skills.


Do dentist students need to be in the school?

Usually no. 24.

How much dental assistants have to spend per year to get a dental associate degree?

They can be working for the same dental school as their dentist.


What kinds of dental assistants can dentists work with?

Most dental assistants do not need to work for dental schools because they work for the dentist.