The Dallas Public Schools (DPS) have a list of porn sites on their site, but they don’t tell us what those sites are. 

“The DPS is not responsible for the content of any of these sites,” the school district said in a statement, adding that they do not sell any of the sites on the site.

The site has more than 100 sites, including a few that have not yet been added.

There’s also a list that shows some of the porn sites the district has.

One of those porn sites, called “The Best High School Porn Site” on the district’s website, shows girls wearing nothing but panties and a thong, but there’s no indication that they’re actually having sex. 

The site features images of girls with their faces covered and a caption that says “all content and imagery posted on this site is for personal use only and is not intended for publication by the Dallas Public School District, or by any school or other entity in any jurisdiction where this site exists.”

The Dallas School District also told ABC News that the site does not appear to be affiliated with the district.

The Dallas City Schools also told The Associated Press that they were not responsible, either, for the images.

A spokeswoman for the district told the AP that the district is “aware of this situation and is working with the law enforcement agency to resolve this matter.”

Dallas Public Schools told ABC affiliate KDFW that it was working with law enforcement to address the issue.

“As soon as we learn of this issue, we will immediately investigate and take appropriate action,” the district said.

“This issue is not a result of the Dallas School Department.

It is an ongoing issue that is affecting many students and we have a zero tolerance policy toward this.”