AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Wisconsin law school grads could soon be able to transfer to U.S. law schools.

Law schools that were closed in the state for more than a decade after a state court ruling that found them to be in contempt of court for not complying with court orders on how to educate students and staff must reopen.

Law School Reforms Act would require schools that are part of the state’s new law schools to have been accredited in 2019.

The law school system is also supposed to have met the minimum standards for its new students and graduates by 2025.

The bill was introduced by Republican Rep. Dan Bostrom of Wauwatosa, who represents a district in the southeastern part of Wisconsin that has long been plagued by crime and poor public education.

Bostroms legislation, which could be heard by the House Rules Committee next week, also would require that law schools open at least a year before students and their families enter the workforce.