The city is home to more than 600 schools, but only seven remain open.

They are in the neighborhoods of Hillcrest High School, Dental Assistant School, Bronx Junior High School and Queens Park Elementary School, which are among the city’s worst-performing schools.

The Hillcroll High School is a public high school in the Harlem area, the Bronx Junior is in Queens Park, the Queens Park School of Dental Services is in Bedford-Stuyvesant and the Bronx Dental School is in East Harlem.

The Dental assistant high school is the second worst performing in New Jersey, and the Queens Dental Academy is the fourth worst performing.

Hillcret School is one of the most popular schools in the city, but it closed in March.

It was the first school to close in NewYork City since the closing of the Bronx School in 2011.

The Bronx Dentist School closed in July 2018, just before the end of the school year.

The Brooklyn School closed its doors in April 2019, just days before Christmas.

The Harlem School was one of seven schools to close this year.

Schools that remain open include the Bronx Medical Academy, Queens Park High School for Girls, Hillcrenest High School in the East Harlem neighborhood, Bronx Senior High School located in Bedford and Queens Dens High School near Central Park.

There are now fewer than 200 remaining schools.

Source: The New York Times